Connect old bluetooth G-Shocks to modern phones
Possible apps

After Casio has removed the G-Shock+ App from the PlayStore and the Appstore in 2019, connecting older bluetooth G-Shocks like GB-6900 oder GB-X6900 has become quite difficult.

For Android phones there are two options:
  1. Manually install the latest version of the discontinued G-Shock+ App. The apk-file can be download from ShockBase. While this app is no longer updated, it won't work on newer phones.
  2. Use a non-Casio app. GadgetBridge is an open source app, which supports multiple steptracker, fitness watches and also some G-Shock models (GB-5600B/GB-6900B/GB-X6900B).

    It can be downloaded from the F-Droid app store or as apk-file directly from GadgetBridge.

A test with an older GB-X6900 and GadgetBridge was quite succesful.

Connecting was pretty straight forward.

GadgetBridge offers all main functions the G-Shock+ app had:
  • time syncronisation
  • batterie status
  • music player control (pause/play, forward, back)
  • display played song
  • message notification (SMS, WhatsApp, Threema, ...)
  • appointment reminder
  • incoming calls