Connect Old Bluetooth G-Shocks To Modern Phones

How to connect an old bluetooth G-Shock to a modern phone?(G-Shock+ app replacement)?

Unfortunately, Casio stopped updating the G-Shock+ app. But a fellow G-Shock collector stumbled upon a post some greece posts on Facebook. The solution is GadgetBridge, an open source app supporting different steptracker, fitness watches and also some G-Shock models (GB-5600B/GB-6900B/GB-X6900B).

I had a try on my GB-X6900. What should I say, it works. It offers all the important features of the original app:

  • time syncronisation
  • batterie status
  • music player control (pause/play, forward, back)
  • display played song
  • message notification (SMS, WhatsApp, Threema, …)
  • appointment reminder
  • incoming calls

Check it out on ShockBase.